6 Easy Steps for Spring Window Maintenance

It’s spring and the perfect time to show your home a little spring cleaning love! Whether you have new or older Marvin windows and doors, regular maintenance will help keep them looking and performing their best. Use these 6 easy steps for spring window maintenance, check out these additional resources, and of course, contact Windows & Doors By Brownell for your Marvin window questions. 

1.  Clean glass and window surround.

Use a glass cleaner and regularly wipe down window and door surround with a cloth to remove any dust and dirt. Clean sand, dirt or dust build-up from door and window hinges, sills and tracks. Debris that is left unattended can often cause issues down the road.

2. Check Weatherstrip

Check to make sure the weatherstrip is still in place and effective on your windows and doors. Weatherstrip can be easily replaced and Windows & Doors By Brownell keeps most Marvin weatherstrip in stock.

3. Examine interior and exterior finishes.

Spend a moment and examine the window or door’s interior and exterior finish. Occasional repair to a damaged finish may be necessary. Search for any signs that water has damaged the window so that rot does not develop.

4. Look for any old, loose caulking.

Take a look at your windows and doors for any old, loose caulking. Even small gaps can be big energy-wasters. Seal any gaps with an appropriate, high quality caulk.

5. Clean and tighten hardware. 

Does your window or door have hardware? Make sure to wipe down all surfaces to remove dirt and debris. Now is the time to check that all exposed screws are tightened securely. Does hardware seem to be sticking? Apply a dry lubricant to the windows’ gears or door hinges to keep them operating smoothly.

6. Examine and Install Screens

If you took screens out of your windows for the winter, now is the perfect time to put them back in! Use this time to also clean and examine the screens for repair. Most hardware stores offer re-screening if you notice any rips or tears in mesh.

Window maintenance should be an important part of your home-care routine. Not only will regular maintenance keep your Marvin windows in excellent condition but it will also extend their longevity. A little time spent every spring will help prevent headaches down the road.