Anatomy of a Window

Key Terms


There are three components to the frame: the header across the top, the jambs down each side, and the sill across the bottom. Marvin® frames are built strong with a variety of high-quality wood species.


The glass in a window is called glazing. Marvin’s broad range of glazing options can meet both high-performance and refined aesthetic requirements.

3. LITE:

Each area of glass is called a lite, and Marvin offers divided lite patterns for whatever look you wish to create.


Marvin uses only the highest quality locks, handles, hinges, lifts and pulls, in a wide variety of durable finishes.

5. SASH:

The sash, operating or stationary, is comprised of horizontal rails, vertical stiles and glazing. Marvin’s large solid sashes offer precise fit and ease of operation.

Other Important Terms

  • Head Jamb:  The upper portion of the window, represents the top of the entire window
  • Jamb:  Supports the outer edges of the window
  • Check Rail: Where the top and bottom sash meet
  • Bottom Sash:  The entire lower assembly of panes, typically moves
  • Sill: The lower portion of the window, typically protrudes out from the wall
  • Glazing: Refers to the layers of glass or process used to apply material to the glass surface
  • Sash Lock: Hardware that locks the sashes in place
  • Top Sash: The entire upper assembly of panes, in a double hung slides up and down
  • Exterior Casing: The entire outer portion of the window, hold the sashes in place