At Windows & Doors By Brownell we have a Service team of dedicated and experiences Marvin professionals. They are here to ensure product performance over the lifetime of your windows and doors. As with any product that has moving parts, over the years your windows and doors may on occasion require some adjustments or replacement parts. Our Service team is here to respond quickly and efficiently to your call and make sure that your Marvin windows and doors are operating as they should be. We pride ourselves in the care and attention we give to our customers and believe service after the sale is the foundation of any good business.

Our Service Department

Our Service Department is dedicated to insure performance of products purchased at and/or installed by Windows & Doors By Brownell. We have a team of our own Marvin trained technicians that are ready to take care of issues you may have with the products after the sale. Our fully equipped and stocked service van is key in making our goal of prompt service a reality.

Service Resources


If you are trying to determine how to make a minor adjustment on your own, or what part you may need, please place a service request.

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Key pieces of information to gather before requesting service include:

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  • Marvin Glass Identification Code (Etched in corner of Marvin Windows & Doors (see image below) 


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