At Windows & Doors By Brownell, we are here to help! Below are our personal quick fixes and how-to-videos. If you do not find a solution to your issue please feel free to call us at 800-773-4803 and we can help!

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Learn how to properly tilt and clean a Marvin Double Hung Window. By following these few easy steps you can tilt and clean your windows with ease.
Learn how to operate the revolutionary wash mode hinge on Marvin Ultimate Casement Windows. This feature allows you to easily wash the exterior of Marvin casement windows without using a ladder.
Clutch feet can come out of alignment if a window’s sashes are incorrectly removed. This Brownell video shows how to reset the clutch feet of a Marvin Ultimate Double Hung. Realignment of the clutch feet can be done by most homeowners with a few basic tools.
Damaged or torn weatherstripping can decrease a window’s performance. Marvin expert, Charles Pelsue, shows how easy it is to replace weatherstripping on your windows. Weatherstrip replacement is a normal part of maintaining your Marvin Windows.
The hinges on Integrity from Marvin Swinging French doors are fully adjustable. Watch this Brownell Quick Fix video to see how to properly adjust your hinges and keep your doors working smoothly.