Windows and Door  – Care and Maintenance

Window Care & Maintenance

Regular care and maintenance will help keep your Marvin windows and doors operating smoothly. Find tips and information on how to care for your Marvin products from Windows & Doors By Brownell.

Make sure to watch our How-To-Videos to learn about many DIY basic window features and functions.

Cleaning & Routine Maintenance

  • Clean any sand, dirt or dust from door and window hinges, sills and tracks.
  • Weatherstrip is a resilient material designed to act as a barrier in the space between the sash and frame to reduce air and water infiltration. Check to see if any pieces are torn or missing. We keep most weatherstrip
  • Touch ups, if you are touching up any interior (or exterior on wood units) paint, be careful not to get it or solvents on the weathrstrip. Besides being unsightly, solvents and affect the flexibility of the weatherstrip.
  • Check that all hardware (locks, opening mechanisms, etc.) operates smoothly. Make sure any exposed hardware screws are tightened securely.
  • Check any energy panels and storm and screen combinations to make sure screws in turn buttons are securely fastened

Painting & Staining


Aside from aesthetics, it is highly recommended that all bare wood surfaces be painted or stained and polyurethane. These finishes help protect the wood of your Marvin windows and doors for years to come. Properly painting and staining your windows and doors is a multistep process that requires skill and patience. Please call our office for best practice recommendations!

Learn More about our in-house paint shop services through Vermont Paint Craftsmen


Why Is There Condensation on My Windows & Doors?

Condensation is a product of humidity and heat levels within the home. Condensation often shows first on glass surfaces, such as windows. There are a number of articles and resources available that discuss condensation and ways to address it.  Click the link below to download a guide to understanding condensation in your own home and ways/tips to prevent it.