What Type of Replacement Window Do I Need?

Insert vs. Full Frame Replacement

If you have started your search about replacement windows, you’ll hear different window terms tossed out. Let us help explain the two different types of replacement windows:

Insert Replacements

Allow new windows to be installed within the existing frame after old sash, hardware, and covers are removed.  Also known as narrow frame, frame-in-frame or a pocket window


  • Preserves existing interior and exterior trim
  • Less extensive installation 


  • Constrained to size of existing opening
  • Because this window sits in an existing frame, glass / daylight size is often diminished.
  • Does not address any rot repair issues there may be

Full Frame Replacements

Require existing windows to be completely removed down to the studs, and then new windows are installed in the opening. Necessary for vinyl or damaged frames and often for remodels. Requires removal of interior and exterior trim and occasionally siding.


  • Allows for inspection and repair of concerns like water damage and air infiltration
  • Window openings can be adjusted to create larger windows for egress, or to include things like a door.


  • More extensive installation